The other SAE grammar test

This is an alternative to the original SAE grammar test. It covers most of the same territory, but it is largely based on information from World Atlas of Language Structures (WALS). Instead of mainly measuring SAE features, it looks at what most SAE languages have in common and how much of this a grammar shares. The intent is to provide a more comprehensive view of what goes into a (non-)European grammar.

To learn more about the features described here, click on the links.

Section 1: Non-distinguishing features

These features are common both in SAE languages and elsewhere. They are worth one point each.

Section 2: Distinguishing features

These features are common in SAE but significantly rarer elsewhere. They are worth two points each.


What does the score mean?

This is what your score probably means based on results from natural languages:

It should be possible to get a score of 0, but I don't know of any language that does.

Sample results from natural languages

These are mainly based on data provided by WALS, which is not always complete.