Welcome to Ris Teq, my personal website. I'm an aspiring artist, speculative fiction writer, and wiki editor (and some other things).

You can see my artwork in the Artwork section or on my Twitter. I usually work digitally, with both raster and vector graphics, but I do some traditional work as well. I use free software because it's cheap.

When I say "speculative fiction", I mean fiction that might be called "science fiction" but has little or no science in it. When I say "writer", I mean I've written a pile of stuff but not gotten any of it officially published... yet. I'll update this page if that changes.

I began editing Wikipedia in 2012 and have contributed to various other wiki websites, mainly Uncyclopedia. After Uncyclopedia was evicted from Wikia in May 2019, I began hosting it myself.

If Ris Teq doesn't interest you, you might like to check out the list of other websites I recommend visiting.